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Impact Your Business with Extreme Performance Storage

by on April 6, 2018

Most companies today that host their own data storage systems are buying flash storage.  As a long-time storage manager, I often wondered how data was going to continue to grow and storage systems grow to support those needs without over-burdening the datacenter.  With flash and the density that the 5th generation of Violin arrays able to provide, this is no longer a major concern.  The challenge facing CIOs and Directors of Storage is “Which flash storage company should we partner with?”.

In a recent survey of storage decision makers, Performance and RAS (reliability availability serviceability) are ranked in the top 5 for all types of workloads, along with manageability and efficiency.  Violin FSP arrays are leaders in performance in the all flash market.  Combined with the Flash Fabric Architecture and robust, NDU capable, Concerto OS 7, Violin supports a 6 nines availability.  These are areas where Violin performance, both peak and sustained (Demartek Evaluation of the Violin FSP 7650 ), provide value above the other flash providers to our partners.

With the performance envelope provided by the FSP 7000 series arrays (7650, 7450, and 7700), Violin customers are able to improve their infrastructure.  This has provided astonishing results for the businesses the utilize Violin arrays:

  • Trading Systems processing 4x faster
  • Allowed a healthcare provider to achieve critical milestones associated with “meaningful use” regulations for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Over 15,000 hours of productivity improvement per year

If you want a resource to perform reliably, allow your business to generate more revenue, provide more time in the day to achieve mission critical goals, reduces operational cost and complexity, and allow your business to grow in new ways, then Violin FSP storage is the choice.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Extreme Performance Leadership – New Violin FSP 7650 and 7450 reset industry benchmarks for extreme performance, lowest latency, best affordability, highest density, and broadest scalability amongst all flash SAN solutions.
  2. Transforming Customer Experience – New Platinum Support Service and Customer First Guarantees affirm Violin Systems’ focus and commitment to customer service, support, and success.
  3. Making a difference – Some of the largest mission critical applications across financial services, healthcare, retailers and government reply on Violin to support their business and remove barriers to innovation.

Author: Brett Miller, Field CTO
Twitter: @BrettCTO-Violin

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