Scalable Starter Kit

Easily and affordably add the performance of flash to your enterprise data center with the option to scale up.

Affordable Flash Storage

The Scalable Starter Kit offers IT leaders an affordable option to add the power of flash while preserving the ability to scale storage to their data center as business needs grow. With the Starter Kit, you can start with as little as 70 TB of raw capacity scalable up to 1.4 PB. As your needs grow, you can add additional shelves for performance and capacity as appropriate.

The Scalable Starter Kit includes:

Maximum Performance

The Starter Kit includes the Violin FSP 7700 which can deliver up to 2+ million IOPS of performance with sub-millisecond latency in a single namespace.

Absolute Data Protection

All Violin FSP solutions are built upon highly redundant, no-point-of-failure hardware platforms. Coupled with integrated, Enterprise Data Services that offer data efficiency, data scalability and business continuity, the FSP offers unmatched data protection. Based on the FSP 7700, this Starter Kit enables you to add support for stretch cluster as well.

The Scalable Starter Kit provides everything you need to begin your journey to the all-flash data center.

Scalable Starter Kit