Gartner Ranks Violin Systems #1 in Flash Array Market Share

by on July 3, 2013

The numbers are in for Gartner’s latest SSD shipment report, and Violin Systems takes the lead with nearly 20% market share in the flash-based storage array category. According to GigaOm’s Jordan Novet, “For storage arrays incorporating flash, the big winner last year was not storage giants EMC or NetApp but Violin Systems, with a 19.4% stake in sales of those units.”

Violin currently has hundreds of Fortune 1000 customers across various verticals including Financial, Advertising, Government, Education and Retail. Our Arrays have helped these companies access new revenue streams, provide better end-customer experiences and lowered their operating costs.

Read more about it on “Who ate all the flash pie;” check out the article from The Register’s Chris Mellor.

Flash-based Storage Array Market

Courtesy of The Register


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